Suspended identities

Artist statement :

Suspended, the identities of these murdered women are suspended. They form an almost imperceptible constellation. Few pay attention to them.
Suspended, hanging by a thread, as their lives were, so easily taken away. This ease accompanied, each time, by intense brutality. They are recorded in a register, as a duty of memory. Many prefer not to open it. Since January 2020, there are at least 12 of them. They were 24 in 2019, 38 in 2018 and 40 in 2017. The figures we have do not reveal the reality on the ground. There is much more than that, but to date, no political party, no social institution takes responsibility for doing something concrete about the crimes against women in Belgium.

Feminicide. The word has not yet entered the Larousse, but the definition in the Petit Robert in 2015 is as follows:
« murder of a woman, a girl, because of her sex. »

I have tried to create a suspended universe that invites visitors to take awareness of the proximity of feminicide. First names, surnames, dates and place names written and displayed on pieces of plexiglass. Suspended with transparent thread. The idea of transparency aims to highlight the invisibility of women and the lack of con-serration of our government towards the subject.
On the front, a person’s name and surname, age and place of murder.
On the back, a reference number that refers to a notebook deposited near the facility where we can consult the detailed records of each crime.