Lavoir de récits

Artist’s statement :

Lavoir de récits, a performance imagined, written and directed with Sandra de Vivies, was presented on September 18th 2021 at the Fondation Thalie as part of Extra! the Centre Pompidou’s festival of living literature.

Texts on “the oriental woman” or “the occidental woman”, selected indifferently from poetry, literature or the press, some dating from a few days ago, others from the tenth century, are written with a delebile marker on sheets of cotton-based paper. We read them in their native language, French or Persian (followed by a translation into French). They echo each other, weaving the bitter fabric of the stories that gnaw at us. We plunge them into the water, one by one, then our hands mix in the basin.

They mix and mix with the paper, and little by little the leaves become white again. The black bile remains at the bottom of the basin. We then assemble the leaves on the floor to form a single large white page.