You’re leaving,
I’m staying.
Cursed be
our impossible encounters.

You touch my soul
like a hand caressing a harp.

Thousand Times
I lay my eyes
on this door.
Each time
I count to ten.
You have not come

like a morning dew,
my tear
your absence.

Artist statement:

Mother Nature is my source of inspiration. Nature in its widest concept. Leaves, a passing cloud. The bird at the edge of a stream. Noises floating on the air on a spring afternoon. For this series I let myself be inspired by plants. Their colors and shapes.
When words and photos come together to tell an emotion, to create a third aspect and to bring to life an imagined moment. This is when the human being starts to daydream. The resonance of each emotion hidden behind each word that sends us back to worlds of dreams and imagination. In this series I aimed to create the marriage between poetry written in Persian calligraphy and macro photography. Each photo and each poem reflects each other.

Brussels – 2016