Irrepressible Blooming

Artist statement:

My performance “Irrepressible Blooming” as part of the exhibition Sœurs Mirabal, presented on the Place Colignon in Brussels.
The pomegranate and its seeds symbolize fecundity, protection, femininity, hatching, birth and death in different cultures.

A woman dressed in white, sitting on a white fabric, faces a pile of pomegranates. She peels them all, one by one, without talking. There are several methods of releasing the seeds, from gently removing the skin of the grenade to exploding it by throwing it to the ground. The performer alternates the ways. The juice spreads everywhere, hands, clothes, fabric become red.

In many cultures, the pomegranate symbolizes the woman. Isn’t the pomegranate with its thick bark that hides all the seeds, a very strong symbol of the occultation of women in society?

This performance aims to denounce the burden that weighs on women as actors in our societies.

Photo credit : Fatma Yildiz